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Adirée Public Relations & Communications | Fashion PR: Students stand out with these 3 skills
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Fashion PR: Students stand out with these 3 skills

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Fashion PR: Students stand out with these 3 skills

Learn how to write code. Unlike the older PR pros, PR professionals today need to be Web savvy. Some say that HTML5 is an essential skill to have based on the incredible explosion of mobile. There are many great courses on coding, such as the wonderful Code Academy. Taking an online coding course would give an edge over other students.
Learn how to shoot and edit video well. Young and upcoming professionals need to know how to shoot and edit footage, showing your prospective employer samples of your video work. Videos are needed for various reasons, such as for blogging, creating campaigns or even to raise funds.
Learn how to stay focused. From the perception of older people the millennials generation has a reputation of having no attention span. Being able to turn off the phone, staying away from instant messaging and social media is important. It has become a skill in the digital age and like any skill it requires honing.


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